Let’s end the era
of untreatable

no more.

Researchers have discovered hundreds of drug targets to treat disease—and find more every day. But until recently, 90% of these targets have been considered undruggable,” and therefore untreatable. Using our revolution­ary high-throughput platform, we can now discover drugs at a volume, speed, and efficiency thousands of times greater than has ever been possible.

We are designing life-changing medicines at genomic scale.

01 Power

Covalent molecules serve as a universal key to unlocking undruggable targets for both non-covalent and covalent drug development. Many of the most effective therapeutics in history, including penicillin, AZT, and many lifechanging oncology drugs were developed through this approach.

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02 Scale

The Totus Platform discovers drugs with unprecedented volume, speed, and efficiency, allowing us to create a comprehensive catalog of drugs across the entire human genome.

03 Impact

We are developing drugs against poorly treated, advanced forms of cancer, starting with a breakthrough medicine for the most mutated oncogene. We have also built out a robust pipeline of oncology programs.

Two Totus team member in a small meeting sharing a moment of levity.

We have the power to treat cancer, heart disease, neurodegen­er­a­tion, and beyond—within this decade.