Making every disease treatable by making the total human genome druggable.

Applying revolution­ary chemical biology technologies to create life-changing covalent therapeutics for untreatable diseases.

Researchers have discovered hundreds of drug targets to treat disease—and find more every day. But 90% of these targets are now considered undruggable,” and therefore untreatable. 

With the power of covalent bonding and our proprietary technology platform for high-throughput drug discovery, Totus Medicines converts genetic discoveries into real drugs.

It’s time to move beyond the serendipitous discovery of covalent medicines.

We have the power to treat cancer, alzheimers, infectious diseases, even aging. Within this decade.

01 Power

Covalency—an unbreakable bond between a drug and its target—is the universal key for safe, effective drugs like penicillin, aspirin, and AZT.

02 Scale

The Totus Platform solves the challenges of covalent drug discovery with speed and precision.

03 Impact

We’re focused on the most profound human needs; starting with resistant cancer mutations.

Meet the Totus Team.

Exceptional medicine takes an exceptional team. Our team combines leadership and expertise across chemistry, biology, and physics to deliver on the promise of treating undruggable targets.

Totus Medicines.
Our life’s work is
to save lives.