About Us

We’re here to help patients at their most vulnerable.

A message from
our CEO

It is devastating when you or your loved ones are diagnosed with an untreatable disease with no options for effective therapy.

We founded Totus to bring hope to patients at their most vulnerable, by making these diseases treatable.

To do what’s never been done, we needed a different approach than the traditional methods in drug discovery. We recruited a team that spans disciplines and solves problems in new ways, and built a company around their shared values of collaboration, agility, focus, urgency, and humility. We believe these principles will empower us to invent breakthrough technologies and bring life-changing treatments to patients faster than ever before. 

It takes a team to change the world.

Neil Dhawan, PhD

CEO & Co-Founder

We’re a group of cross-disciplinary scientists and profession­als working together to bring hope to every diagnosis.


Totus Medicines’ drug discovery capabilities put the company in a position to upend traditional processes, creating new drug programs with exquisite precision and unprecedented efficiency.”

Jason Pontin

DCVC Partner
& Totus Board Member

Board of Directors & Advisors


A Totus team member in the lab focusing intently on the work at hand.

Join us in our mission to end untreatable disease.