Platform Totus Meds Lab

Welcome to genome-scale drug discovery.

Our mission is to make every disease treatable by making the entire human genome druggable.

We are creating and screening molecules across every gene in the human genome to achieve a higher order understand­ing and path to effective drug discovery. Combining advanced cellular analysis and large-scale machine learning, we can translate the revolution in genomic sequencing into precise, effective, and lifechanging medicines at scale.

The Totus Platform

Our Platform makes it possible, with revolution­ary capacity and end-to-end efficiency.

  1. Exponentially evolving covalent library
    We have the world’s most comprehensive library of covalent chemistries, and as The Totus Platform learns, that library grows.

  2. Ultra-high throughput cell-based screening
    We screen those molecules using our proprietary tagging technology for cellular analysis.

  3. AI/ML-powered drug design portal
    By applying large-scale machine learning to our massive data lake, we are mapping fundamental pharmacophore and target relationships across the proteome.

The Totus Platform

We are discovering novel therapeutics in weeks—not years.

The Totus Platform can screen billions of compounds—delivering faster, cheaper, more accurate drug candidates through a fundamentally new process.

  • Parallel Synthesis
    Thousands Targets/Day
  • Cellular Screening
    Billions CPDS/Day
  • Unique Chemistries
The Totus Platform

With this unprecedented volume of discovery, we are building a universal drug/​genome catalog.

Imagine: a searchable knowledge base of precision drugs mapped across genomes—human, viral, or bacterial. We can utilize to develop drugs with new functional­ity, greater precision, and higher probability of translation.

The Totus Platform

And we are prioritizing highly impactful drug programs for development in our robust pipeline.

We are focused on untreatable diseases that have the most profound impact on humanity; beginning with precision oncology, then heart diseases, neurodegen­er­a­tion, and beyond.

TOTUS lab technician working

We’re already developing treatments for some of the most pervasive cancers.