At the heart of medical advancements lies a story of passion, dedication, and relentless pursuit of innovation. Here at Totus Medicines, that story is what propels us forward. Let us dive deeper into the perspectives of our core team and understand the revolutionary approach we're taking in the domain of drug discovery and cancer treatment.

A Vision of the Future: Crafting Game-changing Medicines

  • Neil Dhawan, Co-Founder, CEO, and CSO of Totus Medicines: "Medicine has always been about transcending boundaries. The essence of every scientist's journey is to foster solutions that can bring about transformative changes in patients' lives. Here at Totus, we're not just a team but an alliance. An alliance dedicated to building the technologies of tomorrow and the life-altering medicines that promise a better future."

The road to drug discovery has never been a straight one. It's riddled with challenges, with the quest to find that perfect molecule that can combat a disease without initiating side effects. "Imagine possessing the technology to explore unlimited chemical and biological realms concurrently. Such a technology would revolutionize our approach to almost any drug target. That's precisely the ambition we've embraced at Totus."

Harnessing the Power of Covalency

  • Jimmy Blair, Co-Founder, VP of Innovation & Partnerships: "When we talk about laying the foundation for our platform, covalency stands out. But what exactly is covalency? It's when a drug or a small molecule forms a permanent bond with its target, unlike most drugs that exhibit transient interactions. The potential of such permanent bonds is colossal and, in our opinion, is not being harnessed to its fullest by the industry."

Neil adds, "The power of these drugs is evident from their role in some of the most significant advancements in cancer treatments. Our endeavor at Totus is to channel this potential to decode PI3K alpha, one of the most mutated oncogenes in cancer. The implications are profound. Molecules forming irreversible bonds can significantly enhance efficacy and safety, providing precision like never before."

From Concepts to Clinical Trials

  • John MacDougall, Executive Director of Biology & Pharmacology: "In just two years with the company, I've witnessed a commendable transition of our PI3KA inhibitor from the preclinical stage right into patient clinical trials. Such milestones in a short span are a testament to our commitment and dedication."

Neil emphasizes, "The mission at Totus Medicines transcends mere discovery. It's about shaping the future of cancer treatment, making it not just treatable but manageable for a majority of cancer patients."

Jimmy weighs in with a forward-looking perspective, "The next 30 years hold immense possibilities, be it in oncology or other disease domains. But one thing's certain: our focus will always remain on bringing revolutionary medicines to market, with the patient's well-being at the core of our endeavors."