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PI3Kα is the most mutated oncogene and drives breast, colorectal, lung, bladder, and many more types of cancer.

Despite the prevalence PI3Kα, there are no compounds that deliver potent, specific, and durable inhibition. The only drug that exists causes a variety of toxicities and is only efficacious for <10% of patients.

of cancers have PI3K pathway activation
patients impacted per year
efficacy for current drug
PI3Kα is heavily mutated across a wide variety of cancers.*
Alteration Frequency
*Only diseases with greater than 10% alteration shown. Source: www.cbioportal.org

Introducing TOS-358: the first highly specific, potent inhibitor of PI3Kα.

TOS-358 achieves near 100% inhibition of PI3Kα to induce cell death in PI3Kα mutant colorectal, lung, breast, ovarian, esophageal, and head and neck cancer cells and xenografts, with little to no off-target inhibition.

inhibition of PI3Kα
inhibition of off-targets

TOS-358 induces stasis and regression across PI3Kα mutant models.

Tumor Growth over Time

We are focused on fighting the most pervasive genetically-defined cancers.

Our aim is to develop medicines that will have the greatest impact on as many patients as possible. To assess and prioritize targets for our pipeline, our internally developed Target Profile Database tracks the correlation coefficient between a gene’s CRISPR dependency score, expression data, and its amenability to covalent drug interaction. This allows us to selectively develop medicines that will be widely indicated and highly effective.

Our Current Programs

What we are doing for oncology now, we will soon do for heart disease, neurodegen­er­a­tion, and more.

  • Resistant-mutation targets
  • Driver oncogenes
  • Protein recycling targets
  • Aggregation targets
Infectious Diseases
  • Viral targets
  • Bacterial targets
Heart Disease
  • Coronary artery disease
  • Lowering of LDL
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