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At Totus Medicines we proudly announce the addition of industry veteran, Dr. John Maraganore, to our Scientific Advisory Board (SAB). With over 30 years of experience in the biotech sector, Maraganore's appointment amplifies the expertise and depth of the SAB.

A prominent figure in the biotechnology world, Maraganore most recently held the position of founding CEO and director at Alnylam Pharmaceuticals. During his tenure, he steered Alnylam's groundbreaking initiatives in the realm of RNA interference therapeutics. Under his guidance, the company launched five approved therapeutic products and accumulated a whopping $25 billion market capitalization. Today, he continues his association with Alnylam as a valued member of its Scientific Advisory Board. He was the chair of the Biotechnology Innovation Organization also known as BIO from 2017 to 2019, was appointed chair emeritus in 2022, and serves as a member of BIO's board and its executive committee.

On his new association with Totus Medicines, Maraganore said, "I've been deeply impressed by Totus's dedication to shaping a multifaceted SAB. Their mission to bring life-changing medicines to fruition, supported by state-of-the-art technology, is truly commendable. Joining the SAB at this pivotal juncture in Totus's trajectory is a genuine honor."

Echoing the sentiment, Dr. Neil Dhawan, CEO and co-founder of Totus, shared, "Welcoming John Maraganore to our Scientific Advisory Board is a moment of pride for us. With his profound experience in transitioning therapeutics from the conceptual stage to commercialization, John's insights will be invaluable, especially as our maiden program, TOS-358, progresses rapidly through clinical phases."

TOS-358 has generated substantial buzz as Totus's premiere clinical drug candidate. Recognized as the first potent and specific inhibitor of PI3Kα – an oncogene implicated in multiple cancer types – TOS-358 is a beacon of hope in oncology. This year marked a significant milestone with the April announcement of TOS-358's Phase 1 clinical trial. Further details on this clinical trial can be accessed here.

Maraganore now stands shoulder to shoulder with a dynamic SAB at Totus, featuring industry luminaries like Dr. Lewis Cantley, renowned for his work on signal transduction and PI3K pathway discovery; Dr. Hope Rugo, a stalwart in targeted oncology clinical development; and Dr. Kevan Shokat, a pioneer in redefining targeted cancer therapy.

To delve deeper into the profiles of our distinguished SAB members, Board of Directors, Executive Leadership, and the entire Totus Team, visit our About Us page. For the latest updates and news, continue to visit our revamped News section on our Totus Medicines website here.

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