Neil undruggable

Totus Medicines, a leader in advancing healthcare innovations and solutions, proudly announces its active involvement in the highly anticipated Future of R&D Week held in Boston from October 3-5, 2023.

Highlighting our commitment to the event, our esteemed Co-founder, CEO, and CSO, Neil Dhawan, is not only participating throughout the event but also has the distinct honor of serving as the Event Chairperson on the inaugural day, which will spotlight 'Next-Generation Undruggable'.

Neil Dhawan's role as the Day One Event Chairperson entails delivering impactful opening and closing remarks, orchestrating introductions throughout the day, and steering the pivotal closing panel discussion titled "2023: The Year of Partnership and Investment Resurgence." On October 4, he is slated to provide valuable insights during the panel discussion on 'Evolution Vs Revolution: How Should the Culture around AI be Managed?'.

Lending their expertise and support from Totus at the event will also be Jimmy Blair, our dynamic Co-founder and Vice President of Innovation & Partnerships, and Hasan Babei, our seasoned Senior AI/ML Engineer.

Expressing his anticipation and gratitude, Neil Dhawan stated, "This event converges some of the most avant-garde thinkers in the pharma and biotech sectors, all collectively driven by a mission akin to Totus’s ethos - to eradicate the pain and suffering caused by diseases deemed untreatable. I am truly privileged to represent our community as the event chair and I am eager to dive into enriching dialogues on the cusp of healthcare innovation."

Future of R&D Week stands as a beacon for innovation in the biotech and pharma arenas, segmented into three significant events: 'Next Generation Undruggable', 'AI in Pharma: Discovery', and 'AI in Pharma: Clinical Development'.

To dive deeper into 'Next-Generation Undruggable' and to get a comprehensive overview of the Future of R&D Week, please visit Next Generation Undruggable.

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