Totus SAB 3

EMERYVILLE, Calif. - In a groundbreaking move aimed at advancing the field of drug discovery and development, Totus Medicines announced the recent induction of Dr. Lewis Cantley, Dr. Hope Rugo, and Dr. Josep Tabernero to their esteemed Scientific Advisory Board (SAB). This strategic decision comes at a pivotal moment as the company scales its revolutionary Totus Accel™ Platform, which promises to make the drug discovery process significantly faster and more effective.

Totus Medicines: Leading the Change

Founded on the tenet of ending the era of untreatable diseases, Totus Medicines stands at the forefront of drug discovery. By leveraging the power of biosearch technology, the company is transforming the traditional drug discovery landscape. The technology's unmatched speed in scanning, mapping, and decoding potential new drugs makes it a game-changer in the industry. With a laser-focused approach, Totus's initial thrust is in the realm of oncology, marking significant strides in targeting the most mutated oncogene in cancer, PI3Kα.

Meet the Experts

The newly onboarded SAB members bring unparalleled expertise:

  1. Dr. Lewis Cantley is a stalwart in signal transduction. His significant contribution to discovering the PI3K pathway has redefined cancer research. With an illustrious career marked by the foundation of giants like Agios Pharmaceuticals, Petra Pharma, and Volastra Therapeutics, Dr. Cantley's addition is a monumental asset for Totus.
  2. Dr. Hope Rugo, recognized for her innovative strategies in oncology clinical development, has been the brain behind UCSF's breast cancer clinical trials program. Her efforts have steered the longest-running platform trial, the I-SPY Trials, setting new industry standards.
  3. Dr. Josep Tabernero comes with a legacy of leadership, having served as the ESMO President. His association with esteemed bodies like AACR, ASCO, and several international committees underlines his global expertise in oncology.

What This Means for Totus Medicines

The formation of its SAB last year was a strategic decision by Totus, diverging from the conventional practice of enlisting experts with homogenous backgrounds. Their visionary approach aims to pool expertise from diverse fields, providing a multifaceted strategic input, especially critical as they ventured into clinical trials in late 2022.

Dr. Lewis Cantley voiced his anticipation, "Totus has a distinctly innovative approach towards targeting PI3K-alpha, potentially marking a watershed moment in overcoming challenges that have stymied progress for years."

Echoing this sentiment, our CEO and co-founder, Dr. Neil Dhawan, Ph.D., commented, "Our mission at Totus is monumental - to address pressing challenges in the biopharma industry through groundbreaking technology. The induction of these luminary figures into our SAB will bolster our endeavors, paving the path for ushering in a new era in medicine."

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